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Doctors in Neurological clinic discussing MRI

Medical Wellness

General Doctor -- MRI -- Radiology -- Cancer Treatment -- Home Visit Doctor -- and More......

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Dental Wellness

Teeth Whitening -- Dentures -- Filllings -- Implants -- Orthodontic -- and More......

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Tattoo Artists -- Lashes -- Hair -- Pedicures -- Anti-Aging -- Plastic Surgery -- and More.....

dog groomer

Pet Wellness

Groomers -- Vet Clinics -- Pet Food and Supplies -- Pet Hospital -- and More......

holistic treatment for healing

Holistic Wellness

Yoga -- Massage -- Retreats -- Chiropractors -- Acupuncture -- Reiki -- and More.......

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Other Local Services

Photography and Videography -- Pest Control -- Party and Wedding Planning -- and More.....

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blue light

Blue Light – Good? or Bad?

Did you know that our constant connection with our electronic devices could impact your health?

remote work

Tips for Remote Working

The remote worker is a part of our reality forever. But the habits you may have ingrained in you from a traditional work environment before the pandemic aren’t necessarily setting you up for success as a remote worker.

lemon water

Benefits from Lemon Water

We’ve all read the fads for beverages that can supposedly improve our health such as “Drink this everyday to burn fat faster” or “A glass of wine can improve your health”. But did you know that there is a tried and true beverage that has been improving health for centuries?


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